About Us

Meet the This is Jane Project team

Our Mission

This is Jane Project (TIJP) is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sheds light, builds community, and uplifts the lives of women and non-binary trauma survivors.

Our trauma-aware programming is designed to support that mission through community building, healing services, and compassionate care facilitation (donated medicine). The programs for 2023 include:

Healing Happy Hours (HHH)

Healing Arts (HEARTS)

Community Outreach (location chapters and events)

Survivors Without Access (SWA)

including MMJane and Finding Jane

How We Started

This is Jane Project began in 2019 as a photo-activism campaign to de-stigmatize conversations around trauma, healing, and medicating with cannabis. After photographing more than 50 women and non-binary trauma survivors, we realized that TIJP needed to be more than media, and thus, This is Jane Project 501c3 was born. Now, we offer the above robust trauma-informed programming to support our growing community of Janes while continuing to document stories of hope and healing with cannabis. 

TIJP Leadership

  • Mskindness B. Ramirez, MA.Ed

    She/Her. Executive Board President. Fundraising Committee Chairperson

    CEO of  Club Kindness, Professor, Life Coach, Author, Wife & Mother. Mskindness leads with both her given name and a calling; remaining committed to bringing inclusive healthcare to the masses through her work and volunteerism. 

    Discover more about Mskindness HERE

  • Adelia Carillo

    She/Her. Board Member. HHH Chairperson

    Adelia Carrillo is an accomplished Chief Marketing Officer of EventHi, with extensive experience in the corporate and consumer electronics industry. Adelia is dedicated to helping companies scale their brand vision, and mission.

    Discover more about Adelia HERE.

  • Dr. Gregory Canillas, PhD

    He/Him. Board Member. Oversight Committee Member

    (affectionately known as “Doc”) is the CEO of Soul 2 Soul Global (S2S) a mission-driven company that provides “Simple Relationship Solutions for Busy People.” Doc is the creator of the Love Wins! LGBTQ+ Weekend Couples Retreat is a fun and intensive couple retreat that combines LGBTQ+-specific coaching with a luxurious resort experience. S2S also offers the SYMBIS Assessment (“Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”) for all couples. 

  • Dr. Tiffany Bowden, PhD

    She/Her. Board Member. Oversight Committee

    Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Corporate Diversity Expert, Dr. Tiffany Bowden, M.A., PH.D, is the founding President and Co-Founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), and Co-Owner of Comfy Tree Enterprises. The MCBA is the first non-profit dedicated to the needs of minorities in the cannabis industry. Comfy Tree Enterprises provides business consultation to cannabis enthusiasts, start-up’s and established companies

  • Rachel Murley

    She/Her. Executive Board Treasurer. Oversight Commiteee.

    Rachel holds a BS in management and finance and has worked in the accounting field her entire career. Rachel is an Enrolled Agent (EA) that has worked in the tax industry since 2005. 

  • Shannon DeGrooms

    She/Her. Executive Director

    Shannon’s commitment to community, justice, and healing led her to co-founding This is Jane Project in 2019. Shannon is a writer, community organizer, and proudly serves as the Executive Director of TIJP. When she isn’t healing complex trauma and working to provide trauma-informed programming for fellow survivors, she’s likely traveling around, getting lost in her fully converted tiny school bus.

  • Jennifer Axcell

    She/Her- Program Director

    Jennifer is a passionate creative and business strategist with background in multiple fields. Her current role as Co-Founder, COO and Executive Board President of the nonprofit Leaf411 ™ capitalizes on her 12 years of small business development experience and nonprofit involvement.


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