Survivors Without Access

Let’s face it. Cannabis has an accessibility problem. And while the regulated cannabis industry roars on, many who rely upon this medicine to confront, manage, and heal trauma lack adequate access to medicine.

Women and non-binary people face particularly significant barriers and are reported to experience disproportionate rates of violence, trauma, and resulting post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We must do better. Together with community organizations and ethical brand partners, This is Jane Project intends to do something about it!

TIJP’s compassionate care program, Survivors Without Access, aims to both inform and encourage action from cannabis brands to help level the playing field for survivors of trauma, compliantly and per state-by-state regulations such as: CA SB-34, otherwise known as the Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act.

SB 34 in particular is saving lives by allowing cannabis retailers to donate products designated explicitly as “donation” to low-income medicinal patients, all tax-free.




Please note: This is Jane Project compassion program is currently serving Los Angeles County and Denver Colorado. 

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