Healing Happy Hour Presents: Nuances of the Gender Spectrum- Virtual

Step into an inclusive and enlightening space with Healing Happy Hour Presents: Nuances of the Gender Spectrum. Join us for a conversation led by experienced facilitators Ronni Eloff and Parker Jesse Chase, as we explore the diverse and multifaceted landscape of the gender spectrum.

Our panelists, representing a wide range of gender identities including Trans, FtM, MtF, Non-binary, Gender Fluid, and more, will share their unique perspectives and experiences. From discussions on surgery and non-surgery options to considerations of feeling safe to acknowledge one’s gender identity, this event will offer valuable insights into the nuances of gender expression and identity.

Together, we’ll delve into topics such as gender neutrality, gender fluidity, and the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces for all individuals to express themselves authentically.

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Jun 26 2024


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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